What is this about?

My name is Alison Bond and when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I immediately wanted to get as much information as I could and find out about other people's experiences.
The best way for me, was to read about it.  I'd had friends that had been diagnosed years ago, some survived, some did not.  Some wanted to talk, some did not.
I started to understand that everyone's diagnosis is different and there is so much to learn and understand, the only way is to grab a little relevant piece of information from each person and put together your own jigsaw puzzle.
I tried to find blogs from women in the UK.  This proved hard, I know there are plenty of women out there blogging, but all the search engines seemed to lead to overseas blogs.  This just wasn't appropriate enough for me.
I found forums on all the major charity pages, but digging through a forum became a mighty task.  Not something that a Chemo Brain can easily deal with!
I was very lucky to get in touch with an old school friend's sister, who was going through treatment at the same time as me and also an old work colleague who had been diagnosed four years ago but was just completing her reconstruction.  The support of these two ladies in my life, made such a difference to me.
I started to blog about my experiences in the hope that I could offer support, not only to sufferers but carers, supporters, friends and family members.  This has been the case and I am doubly lucky, not only I have found writing therapeutic but my words have touched others.  I feel blessed.
I hope that this collection of blogs will help to achieve this:-
  • Give you support at a time when you need it most 
  • Encourage you to blog!
  • Give a platform for bloggers to share